Where can I find my Steam ID?

Open Steam and click on your profile name. Your Steam ID is either displayed as a number or as a name (custom URL).

Where can I find my Steam ID?
Where can I find my Steam ID?

Make sure, that you have checked "Display the Steam URL address bar". Otherwise go to View / Settings / Interface.

Enable address bar
Enable address bar.

Or login via the Steam login and your account gets calculated right away.

My calculation is not working?

To be able to calculate your account value you have to set your game data to public.

Go to your profile settings, and set "Game details" and "Inventory" to "Public".

Account privacy settings.
Changing account privacy settings.

It should look like this at the end:

Account privacy settings.
Account privacy settings.

Which Steam IDs are supported?

There are different representations for a Steam ID, which themself may have mulitple names.

  • Community ID / Profile ID / Steam ID 64

    A Community ID is a 17-18 digit long and unique identifier used to identify a Steam account.
  • Custom URL / Profile URL / Vanity URL

    Instead of having to remember your ID, you can also add a custom URL as an alias. To set up an alias, login into your Steam account, click settings and fill the "Custom URL" field.
  • Steam ID / Steam ID 2

    You can also use your ingame STEAM_ID to calculate your account value. A ingame STEAM_ID can be for example: STEAM_0:1:63894. To check your STEAM_ID ingame open your console and type in "status". It will then be displayed.

How does SteamCalculator work?

SteamCalculator will calculate the approximate value of a given Steam account. This is done by looking up it's public profile and all it's linked items on the Steam store and by fetching the current price for each item.

Note: The displayed value does not represent your spendings.

Account privacy settings.
How SteamCalculator works.